Mission / Vision

Mission. Our philosophy of development solves the water crisis by using sustainable materials in a sustainable manner, including funding and labor, reducing the need for people to rely on long-distance aid and resources from overseas. And we try to make the materials, funds, labor, and resources as local as we can, from factory to filter. Now those 800 million worldwide living without potable water have the chance to do something about it without waiting for their government or ours. We organize rural communities to take control of their own health the same way affluent nations do, through awareness and affordable clean water.

Logistics. We manufacture and deliver ecofilters to urban and rural customers. We arrived at a hybrid business model that uses urban filter sales to subsidize filter costs in rural areas. Urban communities pay market value; rural communities pay at cost. For villagers, first we educate, then provide the first filter, and finally we set up a financial infrastructure of savings and payments suited to rural lifestyle. This ensures that all filter recipients have the knowledge and resources to continue buying filters for life, which means good health no matter what the water source is. One hundred percent of public donations fund home filters, and private donations fund field projects and administrative costs.

Vision. To deliver an ecofiltro in a rural community for every filter sold in the urban community, building out a sustainable infrastructure in order to replicate its mission in every developing nation around the globe.

Organization. Our hybrid structure consists of two entities who deliver our mission:

ecofiltro is a for-profit social business who manufactures, sells, and distributes ceramic-based water filters made from locally sourced products. Proceeds fund field projects for ecofiltro: one.

ecofiltro: one is a 501(c)(3) public charity who delivers filters to rural communities in a sustained manner that creates clean water for life.


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